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I was born in a small town in Southern Arkansas in 1961. While growing up as a teenager I remember most of people were slim and fit. I watched people in the 80’s and 90’s as everyone was gaining in size, on in to the new millennium as even children had been plagued by the epidemic called obesity. Today as technology is at its highest in America and the rest of the world, we are getting worse at being fit and healthy.

Believe it or not, I was once headed in the same direction in the early 2000’s and Whitley (my second daughter) said to me one Sunday after church, “daddy you are getting like those old men where your belly is hanging over your pants.”

That was an eye opener for me and from that day to now I am staying fit and trim, however; as I became fit again then I felt my youth again realizing how sick my body really was.

After losing weight and getting back to a slim muscular physique, friends and associates asked why I wouldn’t become a personal trainer. I responded with that is not for me, but God had a different thought on the matter.

My job which I had trusted in the past was slowing to a low level of production in 2006, and then I reconsidered to become a professional and work for myself. I happened to watch a news segment by accident one morning on Good Morning America, and they were running a special on how a personal trainer had injured a client. They stated that we needed to get a credible education from a school with national accreditation, and that’s when I started searching for schools. I wanted to be the best in the business, so I requested information from Pinnacle Career Institute in Kansas City, MO.

I began my quest, and by choosing this school as it also attaches something extra in education that can’t be taught in a classroom. This is done by the partnering with Pro-Fitness Institute in Las Vegas, NV where I had hands on instructors like Jay Cutler (Mr. Olympia 2007, 09, 10, 11) , Ron Williams (Mr. Natural Universe of the decade), Tommy Boyer-Kendricks (Shaquille Oneal’s trainer). Taking this route was a great choice, because I received a degree and NSCA as well as ACE certifications, while becoming a professional fitness trainer in the industry with many miracle testimonies from clients overcoming road blocks in their lives. What makes the industry so life changing for me is to see people being able to change and live a healthier life which they had passed on ever happening for them.

The reason for the success that I am reaching is because we are introducing health and wellness the way God intended it to be and aligning it with science. I use progressive exercises wherever the client is in life, whether it’s not able to stand from a chair or being someone that is very eager to reach goals without the hindrances of incapability. This is backed with a great nutritional program proven with science to be beneficial in weight loss, and the fight against obesity. I refuse to be just another trainer looking to make a living at the expense of others, and will make a great impact on the knowledge of how to fight obesity. There are so many things out there that offer false hope for obesity, and even though fitness is my profession, nutrition is the number one factor in health. Ninety percent of Americans say they eat right, but the overweight and obesity rate is 65-70 percent.

Words of Wisdom, “If you can’t eat it for the rest of your life, then why bother.”